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Support Team

Debra Parsons – Practice Manager / Practice Nurse

Debra Parsons RN Ba Health Science (Nursing)

Debra is a Registered Nurse who has a diverse and challenging role in our Practice. She has the important role of managing the Upper GI office and co-ordinates the processes that enable us to continue to provide care to our patients. Debra also supports our Bariatric nurse in providing patient care as well as managing and carrying out Oesophageal manometry and reflux testing in our Oesophageal physiology lab. Debra is highly motivated to help patients achieve the best outcomes possible.

Tania Matisan - RN Ba Nursing

Tania Matisan – Practice Nurse

RN Ba Nursing

Tania is an experienced Registered Nurse with years of experience in Bariatrics and gastro-intestinal surgery. She is the voice on the phone when organising your surgery and checking that everything is going well after you have left Hospital. Tania is available as a point of clinical contact and she co-ordinates your hospital stay and early recovery making sure that any questions about your health can be answered between your booked appointments. As well as her rolls in direct patient care, Tania also co-ordinates our research projects, making sure that patients who are interested in our many Obesity studies get the opportunity to participate and remain informed.

Tania is always happy to provide support throughout your journey.


Our reception staff (left Rosanna, right Gina and Agnese below) manage our general reception area and are usually the people you speak to when contacting our office. Our receptionists have a diverse role in booking patient appointments, answering enquiries on the phone or in person and managing our multidisciplinary clinics.

They are always happy to help you with enquiries and liaise with the Practice Nurses to ensure our high standard of patient care is maintained.

Tania Chaanine

Tania Chaanine – Dietitian

Bachelor of Science, Nutrition & Dietetics (Honours)

Tania is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Accredited Nutritionist and a member of the Dietetics Association of Australia. She has completed her Bachelor of Science degree with Honours in Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Sydney. She provides her expertise in a variety of nutrition related areas with special interest in nutrition management for Bariatric surgeries. For the last 10 years, she has had extensive experience in weight loss and weight management through commercial weight loss programs as well as individual patient counselling. Tania has a sound knowledge of Australian, European and Middle Eastern diets and is very keen on helping you with individualised nutrition support to achieve optimum results after Bariatric surgery.

Heidi Talbot – Business Manager / Registered Nurse

Heidi Talbot’s role at Upper GI Surgery started at the inception in 2006 when she embarked on setting up the family business alongside her husband A/Prof Michael Talbot. Heidi originally worked as a Registered Nurse, but in this role she works alongside Debra (Practice Manager) to maintain the smooth and efficient running of the practice and staff wellbeing. Heidi is responsible for the day to day business operations such as accounting and compliance, management of the website and marketing, and practice development. In addition to this, Heidi also has an important role of supporting A/Prof Talbot in the organisation and facilitation of many educational presentations and sessions, as well as holding the role of Treasurer of the charitable foundation UGIMRF.


Heidi Talbot Upper GI Surgery

Fiona Tzouramanis – Psychologist

BArts (Psych), Post Grad Dip (Psych), Grad Dip (Counselling), Assoc MAPS

Fiona is a Registered Psychologist with over 10 years experience working alongside clients in order to develop and maintain positive change. Fiona has completed post graduate qualifications in Psychology and Counselling, and continues to attend ongoing professional development. Fiona provides counselling services to both individuals and groups to assist them in overcoming obstacles and achieving their goals. Fiona is trained in a range of therapeutic modalities, with a preference for the use of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. In addition to counselling, evidence based assessments and screeners are used in order to provide a more thorough overview of the client’s current level of need. Through her training and experience, Fiona has developed the skills to assist clients to maintain lifestyle changes that improve their health, wellbeing and relationships.


Kim – Administration / Accounts

Kim leads the administrative processes in the back office of the practice. 12 years of working in an Admin role for medical and surgical specialists has given her a great understanding of the complexities involved in organising the finer details of their care. She is responsible for all things related to health funds and finance.