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Stretta Treatment

Patients who suffer from reflux usually have their symptoms adequately controlled by medications. If medications don’t work adequately or the person with reflux wants to stop taking regular tablets we may consider surgery, however other options exist. An endoscopic procedure called Stretta offers an alternative to surgery for some patients.  


How does Stretta Therapy work? 

With this procedure radiofrequency energy is introduced to the lower oesophagus to “tighten it”. This is identical to the treatment that people have to reduce wrinkles on their faces by tightening their skin. Stretta has no direct effect on the lower oesophageal muscles, but it does reduce reflux symptoms in people who no longer wish to take antacid medications.  

Stretta is a short non-surgical endoscopic procedure that sometimes requires stay in hospital with patients returning to normal activities within a few days.  


Will Stretta Therapy work for me?  

Each patient is different in their response to Stretta Therapy. Some patients see improvement more quickly than others, but studies show symptoms can continually improve for six months or longer.  

  • 86% of patients no longer required daily Gastro-oesophageal Reflux Disease (GORD) medications at 4 years* 
  • 64% of patients no longer required daily GORD medications at 10 years* 
  • Has been proven effective in patients with already altered anatomy, for example after GORD antireflux surgery or after bariatric surgery* 
  • Lowest complication rate of any non-medical treatment for GORD* 


While clinical studies support the safety and effectiveness of Stretta for patients with chronic GORD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), individual results will vary from case to case and there are no guarantees of a successful outcome. 


Patients are advised to continue their usual reflux medication for two months after the Stretta Therapy and follow a modified diet afterwards for up to two weeks.  



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