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Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer (cancer of the pancreas) occurs when cells in the pancreas begin to multiply out of control and form a cancerous mass. Treatment for pancreatic cancer involves a pancreatectomy.   Pancreatectomy A pancreatectomy is the surgical removal of part of the pancreas. The most common reason to require the removal of part of the pancreas is to treat cancerous or pre-cancerous tumours. Some of these procedures can be performed laparoscopically or robotically, whereas others require open surgery as other organs attached to the pancreas may also need to be removed (otherwise known as a “Whipples” procedure). Pancreatomy was once viewed as being highly dangerous but improved training, expertise and post-op care now means that the risks have dramatically reduced over the last decade or so.   Patients suffering from pancreatic tumours can benefit from a range of diagnostic tests and discussion about options when planning treatment.
Illustration of Pancreas location

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