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For patients who struggle to make it to our office for a face-to-face appointment with myself or our other doctors, Dr Gary Yee, Dr Georgia Rigas and Dr Jenny Matthei, or patients who are geographically distant we are happy to provide access to our Telemedicine facility whereby you can have a face-to-face consultation using freely available technologies on your computer, smartphone or ipad/tablet.

When you contact us to make your appointment, please let us know if you seek to use this service. Patients who are geographically distant from our office are eligible to receive Medicare co-payments for the consultation and have a substantial amount of the consult costs covered, but are able to avoid the hassles of long travel and parking. Patients ineligible for the Medicare subsidy will have to pay full cost for the consultation.

For patients with important x-rays or blood results taken prior to the consultation it is critical that we have copies of these results, and the x-ray images prior to the date of the consultation otherwise repeat consultations will be required.

For more information on our Telemedicine service please call us on 02 9553 1120 or contact us online.