Patient Handouts

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Recommended Apps by Upper GI Surgery for Post Bariatric Surgery Patients handout

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f you’re considering  bariatric surgery , or are about to start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle, gathering as much information as possible along with seeking on-going support are very important

Download our Bariatric Surgery - Sharing the Journey document

Exercise Prescription Document

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UGIS Managing Obesity Information Booklet

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Management Protocols Gastric Bypass Document

Download our Management Protocols - Gastric Bypass document

Download our Management Protocols - Sleeve Gastrectomy document

Ozempic Information booklet

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Prevention of Gallstones after bariatric surgery

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Trulicity information booklet

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Saxenda informatin booklet

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The best pre-bariatric surgery diet - UGIS

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the best post-bariatric surgery diet - UGIS

Download our Post-Bariatric Surgery Diet document

Weight Loss Journey for UGIS patients

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Upper GI Surgery procedure

Download Bariatric Surgery Procedure Options Information Document

Nutrition Guidelines for Pregnancy

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