Oesophageal Physiology

Oesophageal physiology assessments are a way of determining how well the oesophagus (gullet/food pipe) works, and how much acid (if any) manages to escape the stomach and find its way up the oesophagus (this is called reflux or acid reflux).

While diagnostic tests for reflux and swallowing disorders have been available at teaching hospitals for the last 20 years, we have only recently moved on from decades old to modern diagnostic technologies.

Upper GI Surgery offer NSW’s longest running high-resolution oesophageal diagnostic service. These new testing methods increase the accuracy of diagnosis in a large proportion of patients and have also changed the way older oesophageal disorders are classified.

Improved diagnosis leads to improved therapy and many patients who previously would have been labelled as “too difficult” can now be offered treatment.


At Upper GI Surgery we offer:

Catheter-free reflux testing – this measures reflux for a period of up to 72hrs for increased accuracy.

Accurate assessment of non-acid reflux for patients – this is for patients whom usual reflux medications do not work.

High-resolution and 3D oesophageal swallow assessment – this is for complex swallowing problems. It is an excellent technology providing easy to interpret, accurate information, similar to, but more accurate than a barium swallow.

This allows patients with disorders that could otherwise be misdiagnosed to be offered accurate information about their condition, and provides referring specialists high quality information to help make decisions about patient management.


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