Sleeve Gastrectomy

What is a Sleeve Gastrectomy?

During a sleeve gastrectomy a large portion of the stomach is removed with a stapling device to create a vertical pouch. This reduces the volume size of the stomach to 15-20% of its original size, via laparoscopic surgery (keyhole surgery). A sleeve gastrectomy is not reversible or removable like gastric banding for example.


How does a Sleeve Gastrectomy work?

Following a sleeve gastrectomy (having a large part of the stomach removed) the patient has a much smaller stomach size. This means that a smaller quantity of food is consumed when eating and patients feel the same satisfaction from a small meal as others will get from a large meal.


Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery

As one of the pioneers of sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Australia we have more than a decade of experience in the operation and have been instrumental in it moving forward from an almost “experimental” procedure to Australia’s most frequently performed weight-loss operation. Our low complication rate is unmatched worldwide.

Complications of sleeve gastrectomy surgery can include staple line leaks, gastro oesophageal reflux disease (GORD), stomach stretching/dilatation. Serious vitamin/mineral deficiencies will occur in 20-30% of patients if they don’t monitor their vitamin/mineral intake and significant weight regain in at least ⅓ of those patients, especially those who resist lifestyle change and medical follow-up.

If you are considering a sleeve gastrectomy as a potential bariatric surgery and would like more information please contact our clinic today and one of our expert team will be happy to discuss this further with you. You should also download (below) our Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy Information document.

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