Gastric Banding

What is Gastric Banding?

Gastric Banding (Gastric Band Surgery) is a procedure performed using laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery to apply a reversible/removable medical device that helps to control a patient’s consumption of food. The gastric banding procedure has been performed in Australia since 1994 and has been proven to be a safe and effective weight loss procedure, with data showing an average of 47.1% maintained excess weight loss at 15 years.


How does Gastric Banding work?

The LAP-BAND® (gastric band) is fastened around the top part of the stomach, and is designed to slow down the eating process. The band applies a constant gentle pressure on the stomach which controls:

  • how quickly a person can eat
  • how hungry they get
  • how much food they need to eat before feeling satisfied that they have had enough

Pressure in the gastric band is controlled by injecting fluid in and out of an access port that sits below the skin of the abdomen.


Gastric Band Surgery

Should you qualify for gastric banding, your surgeon will discuss the procedure with you in more detail, including what is involved and the aftercare. The hospital stay is shorter than other weight loss procedures, generally a day in hospital and a week off work.

Although of the available weight loss surgery, this requires the most commitment from patients in order to get a good result. Patients have to learn to work with their band and avoid “cheat” foods.

Complications of gastric band surgery can include port revisions, pouch enlargement/dilatation and band slippage. The re-operation rate for complications in our practice is about 1% per year. Patients who don’t look after their band and have it over-tightened can expect to suffer food intolerances, vomiting and run the risk of a re-operation (around 5-8% per year).

Overall gastric banding is a safe and effective weight loss procedure and the majority of patients will lose more weight with the device than any diet they have followed previously. If you are considering gastric band surgery please contact our clinic today and one of our expert team will be happy to discuss this further with you. You should also download (below) our Laparoscopic Gastric Band (LAGB) Surgery Information document for more information.

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